There is always light at the end of the tunnel – Boost your moral for the week…it keeps getting better

Getting betterBelievers Couple

I have been there…
In those times when you wish life keeps you confused, those times when different ideas cross your mind and head, those times when you agree the world is a lonely world because of how you feel, those times when you are on your own, those times when you wish you have the power to change things, those times when your heart bleeds, those times when uncontrollable tears flows, those times when you eat your tears, those times when you are in despair, those times when you wish someone comes and ask you why, those times when you wished for a miracle, those times there’s a heavy burden, those times when all you could remember are your sorrows, those times when suicide becomes an option, those times when you face the wall and ask God why, those times when you wished you were never born, those times when you recall your history, those time when the world gives nothing but expects many, have been there, when your heartfelt is written on your face, have been there, those times every one make the same comment about you, those times your joy is 5% and pains and sorrow takes the rest, those times when all hope seems gone, those times when you regret.
In times of rejection and denial, have been there, when you wish you weren’t created, have been there, those times when there’s no one who can understand, have been there, when you see others and you can’t stand seeing yourself, have been there, those times when you have done all you could but they aren’t working, those times when you cry while walking, have been there.
But guess what, am better than them now, those who I look up to, those who I wish I was, those who I almost imitated, those who laughed at me, those who gossiped of my plight, those who I thought were the best, those who made me mistook greatness, those who maneuvered, those who couldn’t wait, those who flaunted, those who posted, those who the world celebrated, those who received songs of praises, those who were hailed, am better than them now,
I don’t know where you are right now or where the world have kept you, where the waves of life have tossed you, all i know is, there’s hope for you, there’s someone who cares, there’s a power beyond where you are thinking of, there’s one who can change all situation, there’s one who created the world when it was without form and with no tool, there’s one who is the beginning, there’s one who knows all, there’s one who has no parent, no creator, there’s one who is a misery, there’s one who never sleeps when you do, there’s one who listens, there’s one who can, there’s one who is able, there’s one who is ready, there’s one who is calling, there’s God, who has made me go through all that, to strengthen you in that miserable situation, as you read he watches, what you think he knows, And guess what he is a dial away,
His name is Jesus, that’s all I know,
Thank you,

Ebuka Iheme.(@Bukerteee)