8 Signs that your partner is taking advantage of you

8 Signs that your partner is taking advantage of you

8 Signs that your partner is taking advantage of you

Yes, its true that, no one deserves to be taken advantage of. But you should walk away from someone who does any one of these 8 things. Its very hard recognizing the signs that someone is taking advantage of you, especially when you love them. Though we all like to give people the benefit of the doubt, especially our significant other, there are signs and feelings that indicate their intentions are unsettling.

No one deserves to be taken advantage of, over-ruled or degraded. If your significant other is constantly tearing you down and causing you to dwell on negative emotions, leave the relationship.

You deserve the best. If your relationship contains any of these eight signs, seek help and get out of your relationship… fast!

Unequal blame

Do not allow your partner to use you as their scapegoat. Never allow them to place all of the blame for your relationship problems on your shoulders alone.

You cannot define your relationship

Do they flinch when you ask them to make your relationship official and exclusive? An individual that honestly cares for their significant other will make their relationship a high priority, instead of treating it like a convenience. Do not accept answers like “I don’t like commitment,” or “I am not ready for the relationship title just yet”. Stand your ground or get out of the relationship.

It is all about your partners needs

Does your partner ever call to ask how your day went? Do they go out of their way to make sure you are genuinely doing OK? Do they ask you about the small details about your life? If your partner is constantly consumed with their life and their needs, proceed with caution. A partner that does not concentrate equally to both individuals in the relationship will likely not change their priorities down the road.

You put in more effort

Ever noticed that things are unequal between the two of you? The amount of money spent, time invested and resources divided always seems to be a little heavier on your side of things. If your partner requests your help, time and energy, you should feel comfortable enough to ask for the same things in return. If you are giving all you have and not receiving anything in return, it’s time to leave.

They don’t do the small things

A man who cannot recognize the smallest things that make you happy is not invested in your happiness and the long-term longevity of your relationship.

You can only see each other on his terms

When the only time you can see your partner is on their terms, there is a problem. If they only allow you to hang out when they are available or at places that are only convenient for them, those are red flags. Beware if they ignore you when you want to make plans or are constantly making excusing when you ask to spend time with them. Relationships need to remain focused on give and take.

Emotional blackmail

Do they threaten you, intimidate you and shame you? If the answer is yes, seek help. A partner that uses this technique will often say things like, “I cannot survive another day if you leave me,” or “I can’t believe you would do such a thing, I thought you were better than that.” These passive aggressive blackmail comments can turn to fits of rage that you shouldn’t stick around for.

He doesn’t say things straight

Constantly avoiding topics in conversation is not a good sign that your partner is being honest. A strong relationship is centered on strong communication between the two of you. If they are avoiding serious topics or not telling whole truths, call them out on their lies. Decide to build a foundation of solid communication or leave to find someone who will be honest.

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