8 Interesting Facts About Chinese Foods

– Chinese Foods

All over the world, the Chinese cuisine and the food from it have been called ‘Chinese foods’. There are so many peculiarities about these foods. Here are some particular differences these foods have:

1. North/South Food Divide

In the north, the cold and dry weather gives room for wheat production. The northerners, therefore, take more of dumplings, wheat noodles, steamed buns, and stuffed buns. For their Southern counterparts. Chinese eat rice or rice noodles along with almost every meal they take and not only eat wheat occasionally.

2. Large quantity of Vegetables

Chinese eat more fruits or vegetables when compared to the West. They take it twice as dietary fiber, making their bowel movements twice the size of the Westerners. Vegetables Chinese eat include Chinese cabbage, potatoes, bok choy, cucumber, white radish, Chinese eggplant, soybean sprouts, peanuts, and tomatoes.

3. Variety of Weird Vegetables

The Chinese have very different and entirely unique vegetables. Most of them are not consumed by many people in other parts of the world. Pomelos, tree fungi, weed-like plants, yard-long yams and bitter cucumber are a part of their not-so-common vegetable.

4. Biggest Flavours Across the world

You probably don’t know that before a Chinese food can be categorized as balance, it must have these five factors. It must be either of these five; sweet, salty, bitter, spicy or sour. Northern cuisine is salty and southern minority cuisine is sour. Flavours vary considerably across China.

5. Eating Everything

Eating all the eatables

Chinese eat what most people call ‘crazy’. Many Chinese dishes are
made with insects, snakes, rats, heads, feet, kidneys, intestines hearts and even boiled blood.

6. They like it whole

Chinese don’t really like to eat the different parts of whole animals alone. They prefer it served wholly. Fishes are not filleted, they are gutted with head, bones, and fin intact. Chinese believe putting the meat near the bones is the best. The bones are chopped to splinters to release the marrow while eating.

7. Chopstick Eating

Unlike other culinary culture, Chinese don’t eat with forks and knives. They prefer to use their traditional chopstick. This makes their food prepared to be eaten with the chopstick. For this fact, their foods are very soft or cut into bite pieces before cooking. studies have shown that China uses 45 billion pairs of chopsticks in a year.

8. Variety of Cooking methods

Prepared in the Chinese way

The same dish can be cooked in a number of ways. There are many ways
to cook Chinese foods. For instance, fish can be steamed, boiled, quick-fried, roasted, sauteed, marinated, stir-fried or sweet-sauced.