Many people have different ways of cooking. A single meal can be prepared by different people in different ways. However, the methods of cooking are universal and entirely general all over the world. These are the cooking methods every woman should know:

1. Grilling

This method uses a source of heat below the cooking surface. Grilled foods often bear crosshatch markings. Start by cutting, the food to be grilled, marinate or season if desired. Brush the food with oil to prevent it from sticking. Place food on the grill and rotate the food 90 degrees to produce an attractive crosshatch marks. Cook food until it’s done and flip onto a serving plate.

2. Broiling

Broiling process

Quite similar to grilling, broiling uses radiated heat from an overhead source to cook. The food to broil is placed on a preheated grate. The doneness is usually determined by touch, internal temperature or visual cues. Serve.

3. Sauteing

This uses conduction to transfer heat from a hot saute pan to food using a minimal amount of hot fat. The fat should only cover the bottom of the pan. The food should be as dry as possible so to effect browning and prevents spattering. Reduce the heat so that the food cooks inside and outside.

4. Boiling

A moist-heat cooking method that uses convection to transfer heat from a hot source at around212*F to the food in it. The waters and higher temperatures cook foods faster. Boiled meats and hard-boiled eggs are really only simmered and not boiled. Pasta and potatoes are among the only types of foods that are truly boiled.

5. Simmering

Simmering water

Foods that need to be tenderized through slow, long, moist cooking are simmered.  Meats are one of the foods that are simmered. The food is engulfed in a liquid at temperatures between 185*f-205*F.

6. Stewing

Foods that are stewed have enough of liquid to cover them completely and are simmered at a regular temperature until it’s tender. The cooking time for stewing is shorter because the items are smaller. Small pieces of meat are stewed.

7. Steaming

Heat is transferred from steam to the food by direct contact. It is a moist-heat cooking method where the food to be steamed is placed in a rack or basket above the boiling liquid in a covered pan. Steamed foods are flavoured foods, fish, and vegetables that do not require a long cooking process.

8. Deep-frying

Deep-frying method

This is a cooking method that uses convection to transfer heat to a food. Foods to be deep-fried are usually coated in breading or batter. Foods that are deep-fried should be cut in uniform size and shape.