5 Reasons Your Relationship Life MUST Be Off Social Media

5 Reasons Your Relationship Life MUST Be Off Social Medialead-iphone6plus

Social media has its advantages and disadvantages but dragging our relationship into it, brings no good. It has become a trend nowadays for some people. They want everyone to know how interesting their relationship is, how cute the person they are dating is, the place they go and so on. Wondering why we think, it is a good idea to keep your relationship off Facebook, twitter, instagram and the likes, checkout the reasons below

False validation: Except you are 100% sure that the person is the one, then you shouldn’t be dragging your relationship with them on social media for your and their good. Social media could help you blow things out of proportion and it isn’t good.

Unwanted interference: If you don’t want people to interfere in your love business then the best deal is to keep off social media. A wise saying tell us that, For a relationship to develop between two people in a way that leads to a healthy future, it is often best that the details and status of that relationship be contained among the two people involved.

No pressure: Being in a relationship in the first place, has its own pressure which both of you have to handle from time to time. If you want to ease such unwanted pressure then your best bet is to keep of social media because it exposes the relationship to scrutiny, observations, and involvement that is not necessarily appropriate during the early phases of a relationship, where the focus should really be on whether attraction, compatibility, common values, and shared interests will survive the long-term.

Makes breakup harder: You feel its time to end a relationship because its not working, there you are trying to figure out what those people who have been following you on social media would think of your break up. Breakups are never easy to deal with, but  changing a status from “in a relationship” to “single” or even “it’s complicated” can make it even harder.

Exes interference: If you don’t want an ‘aproko’ ex to interfere in your business then you should keep it away from social media. Exes love to troll around profiles or hunt for more information on the other person’s new relationship. On Facebook for instance, people could name the person they’re in the relationship with — and this only encourages an ex to stalk them. Some may even try to sabotage or disrupt the new relationship.

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