COMMON Mistakes That Leads to BIG Health Problems

COMMON Mistakes That Leads to BIG Health Problems

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Many people unknowingly endanger their health everyday doing things that are medically wrong for them but none the wiser. Even this very morning, many people have endangered their health, but the worst part is they did not even notice.

Here are top common health mistakes people make.

Eyes rubbing: Eye rubbing is linked to a disease called kerstoconus. It is a constant thinning and weakening of the cornea. As a result, you get loss of vision that can’t be corrected. If you wear contacts, rubbing can make the lens to stick under an eyelid.

Chaotic workspace: Your desk could easily influence your health, organized environment encourages you to work better and to make better decisions as well.

Eating while working: People who eat their meals while working consume more calories daily. It is better for your health if you quit multitasking while eating. Leave snacks for meal times.

Face touching: Most people touch their faces nearly 4 times per hour. Your hand harbor dozens of bacteria and you bring this germ-y surface to your face. It can increase your chances of getting sick, rubbing or touching your face may lead to a condition called acne mechanica, your pores clog and it causes this kind of acne.

Holding pee: You should never ignore nature’s calling. While occasional holding of your urine is allowed, if you do it on regular basis, it can cause urinary tract infection and bladder infection and other serious problems. Muscles involved in bladder control become weak and this may even lead to incontinence.

Social media overtime: Wasting time on Facebook, Instagram, BBM and so on can affect your relationship. Those who frequently use social media are more likely to have an affair, and the social hub may spark jealousy between partners.

Sitting too long: Sitting too much is harmful to your health. It increases the risks of obesity, diabetes, stroke even heart diseases. Excessive sitting affects your health even if you exercise regularly,the best way to deal with this is to take more steps throughout the day.