5 healthy eating tips to maintain your figure

5 healthy eating tips to maintain your figure
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“See, I am fat!”, is what most of us say every second day. Today’s youth is very obsessed with their weight and there is a lot of confusion regarding what to eat and what not to. With thousands of varieties of food containing nutrients, minerals and vitamins, it becomes difficult to decide what is best for one’s health.

We focus on the desired result but never follow the path and that is where we lack.

“Dieting these days has become a fad. Following a particular diet has become a status symbol. It gives you results too but at the cost of your inner body system and the moment you stop doing it, the weight usually bounces back. The focus should be on a healthy approach with a balanced diet to have long-term results. A simple way to put it: ‘No fasting, No Feasting’,” says Dr Shaili Tomar, Cinical nutritionist, yoga expert and a health Blogger, Rediscover, New Delhi.

She further adds, “The most common and unfortunate myth which has become a belief, that eating less will make a person weigh less. Right food at right time and in right quantity is the only effective and long-term solution. Today you might not feed your body, and it might not demand for food but ill effects like poor health, vitamin and protein deficiency, hair loss, fatigue, loss of concentration will follow. ”

Not to worry, here are 5 simple yet effective healthy eating tips that you can follow everyday to get the figure you have always wanted.

5) Five servings of fruits and vegetables: Ever tried a ‘rainbow diet’? If not then try following at least five servings of various colours of fruits and vegetables in your diet, which is an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. A human body needs a certain Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) of vitamins and minerals, which is considered as essential micronutrients. In addition, it is a forerunner of many vital functions such as for the maintenance of skin, hair and heart health.

4) Four pints (2 liters) of water: Want the glow on your skin? Then, have lots of water. The most important component of healthy eating tips is to drink at least 8-12 glasses of water everyday. A human body contains 55 per cent to 78 per cent of water that helps in flushing out the toxins and adds in weight loss. Moreover, it balances the immune system, maintains brain, blood functioning, and helps in carriage of nutrients throughout the body.

3) Three major meals: The foundation of health consists of the three major meals that one should not skip in a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner. A balanced diet is when it has 60-70% of Carbohydrates, 15-20% of Proteins and 10-15% of Fats. Therefore, skipping these meals can result in poor digestion capacity, stress, fatigue and a disturbed immune system.

2) Two hours of gap: If you are in the habit of eating your dinner and immediately going off to sleep, then you should stop that right now. As the day passes by, the metabolism decreases and your body needs at least two hours of gap between your last meal of the day and sleeping time. Moreover, if the meal you had is left undigested then it can lead to toxin accumulation, weight gain and bloating.

1) One hour of physical activity: Whether you are young or old, one hour of physical activity that keeps you charged is absolutely necessary. A proper workout should be a combination of strength training and cardio but if you do not have so much time to spare, then 30 – 35 minutes of brisk walking and stretching will also do. It will help you keep your weight under control and reduce stress and lifestyle disorders to a great extent.