6 Reasons You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food

6 Reasons You Shouldn't Eat Fast Food

As we all know, buying food from fast food saves the time and stress of cooking. It’s the only way out for some that doesn’t know how to cook at all. There are some disadvantages of eating fast food that we should know, read below;

Not Hygienic

Found mostly on streets, cooked in an open place, fast food is anything but hygienic. The very identity of it being fast and accessible demands more weight given to cost and low or zero emphasis on cleanliness and hygiene related factors. Majority of the items, from oil to utensils and from vegetables to crockery that is used to serve it, are unhygienic and will surely be avoided by us if we closely go on to scrutinize the whole process through which our orders are


With all the fat, processed starch and calories, fast foods add nothing but unwanted weight to your body. And this weight once gained, is almost impossible to lose. Also, it attracts several other problems. So next time you want to eat that burger or pizza, think of yourself about 150 pounds heavier and you will find a reason to not eat it.


Improper Nutrition

Human body needs appropriate amounts of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and other important nutrients on a daily basis to stay healthy. Of these, only carbohydrates and starch can be found in most of the fast foods with rest being either absent or present in extremely low quantities. With the steep prices they come for, one would expect that these junk foods would at least provide sufficient nutrition to the body, after all that’s what “food” is supposed to do. But alas, only if that were true!

Weakening of the immune system

It is true that our body builds up its own resistance mechanism to fight against diseases but that mechanism needs to be fueled by appropriate nutrients. Eating too much of fast food prevents our body from developing a strong immune system and as a result, it easily falls prey to diseases that we attract by, yes, eating that fast food! So, you see, it is two pronged attack on our body, it exposes us to diseases and at the same time, kills our ability to fight with them.


Kills Your Brain

Yes, it really does! As weird as that may sound but it’s true, eating fast food not just makes us lazy, but it also slows down our brain. A study has shown that children who eat fast food tend to score lower in maths, science and reading. It is associated with the fact that fast foods lack in iron content which is an important ingredient for the development of our brain cells. So here is another reason to not east fast food, it makes you smarter, free of cost.

Health Issues

If only obesity was the first and last harmful effect of fast foods! Research has shown that eating fast food also increases cholesterol levels in our body and affects our heart in adverse ways. Not only this, several other medical problems like depression, diabetes can also be attributed to habits of fast food eating. It is quite obvious that the momentary pleasure of eating that fast food is clearly not worth the diseases it is exposing you to.