4 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Health

4 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Health

10 Simple ways to get a good night sleep 4 Things You Should Do To Protect Your Health

Here are the 4 basic things you should do to Protect Your Health

Get Enough Sleep

This is has been touted around so much you might be tempted to just tune it out, but don’t! When your body does not get sufficient sleep it can interfere with the hormones that control our hunger and stress.
Be sure you get a regular 7 to 9 hours sleep every single night and watch how your health turns around. Read more why you should sleep.

Breathe Deep
Now this takes almost no time at all, after all, you are already breathing all day long, so why not make the most of it? Slow, deep breathing lowers blood pressure, goes a long way towards reliving stress and anxiety, not to mention pain, and even the symptoms of asthma.
When you are angry, or deeply focused on something, or very stressed you tend to hold your breath or breathe very, very shallowly.
Deep breathing releases stress and, believe it or not, bring a calming effect to your entire body. So take 2 or 3 minutes and do some deep breathing exercises for better health!

Take a Nap
Numerous research studies have shown that a mid-day snooze for no more than 45 minutes max, can lead to improved learning and an increase of energy during those normal slump hours of 1-4 PM.
Napping after 4PM might mess with your nighttime sleeping schedule, so don’t take that siesta too late!

Eat Well
Making smart food choices are the best way to keep your body healthy and your immune system working at its best. Getting the most nutrition out of what you eat means your body can easily compete the tasks you want to accomplish during the day.
Planning your meals in advance also means that you can make healthy choices and not have to stress out later about your food choices and pick whatever you can find.