12 Fashion Changes Your Lady Wishes You Made

12 Fashion Changes Your Lady Wishes You Made
Jidenna-300x300 12 Fashion Changes Your Lady Wishes You Made

Fellas, listen up, and, ladies, let me know if you agree or have something to add!

1) Gifts from your ex
The ladies said yes they know it’s petty, but they don’t like to see you in that shirt or piece of jewelry or even that watch that your ex bought you. It brings back old memories for you, and it brings up the fact that someone had you before they did. Call it petty, but it’s the reality. Get rid of the “Ex files.”

2) “Old man” cologne
Women love a man who smells good, and while they can appreciate a classic, at some point, you have to give up that 1980s cologne and get a new fragrance. Take a visit to any department store, and hit up the fragrance counter.

3) Overly baggy clothes
It is 2016 not 1996. All of the bright colors and baggy clothes are wayyyy out of style and a reminder of how old you are. Ladies love men that wear fitted clothes that show some sophistication and fits your physiques. Time to see a tailor!

5) Sports jerseys for all occasions
The ladies say they understand that you love your favorite teams, but you don’t have to wear sports paraphernalia everywhere. Sometimes they just want to see you in a brand that doesn’t include the arsenal or Chelsea

6) Old school haircuts/styles
Fellas, if you have an old school fade, messy cornrows, hair that looks like it’s hiding from you or any style that requires activator, you might need a makeover…and fast!

7) Facial piercings (nose rings especially)
Although this isn’t seen often, nose rings and tongue rings are a no-no. Piercings scream femininity.

8) Un-groomed and ill-groomed facial hair
If you are going to join the #beardgang, at least keep it shaped up and well groomed. ungroomed hair on a man makes him look sloppy, and no classic man wants to look unkempt!

9) Busted shoes
I’m sure by now most men know that one of the first things a woman looks at on a man are his shoes, and if they are busted, then it’s going to take a lot of personality to overcome what she is seeing on your feet. If you don’t do anything else, keep your shoes clean and fresh!

10) “Tighty whities” & boxers
Those tight, white regular underpants as well as boxer shorts have to go. Go with boxer briefs or go home…..lol.

11) Old du rags or du rags in public
If you don’t have waves by now, you probably will never get them, so just give up on the du rags and stocking caps. If you wear them to bed, then that’s fine, but anywhere out in public is an instant turnoff to the ladies.

12) Sagging pants
Sagging your pants isn’t classy, and it’s very immature. ladies have no desire to see your underwear unless it’s in the bedroom so grow up and pull your pants up.