Ladies, Tips On Getting Long-Lasting Lipstick

Ladies, Tips On Getting Long-Lasting LipstickLifestyle ladies make up lipstick 9jastreet

Lipstick is one of the most difficult elements of makeup to keep looking good, all day long. The lips are always moving, you eat and you drink, so it’s no wonder that lipstick rarely lasts for long.

It’s SO annoying when your beautiful lip colour rubs off before you’ve barely left the house. So what can you do to maintain a durable look? The secret to setting your lipstick isn’t really a secret. It’s a combination of prep, application, and product choices. Check out these tips for a long-lasting lip.

Prepare your lips: Preparation is one of the best ways to make your lipstick last. Exfoliate your lips gently, using a soft toothbrush, and follow this by hydrating your lips. You can apply lip balm, or you can also use a moisturiser. Wipe off the excess before applying your lipstick, or your lips will be too greasy for the colour to stick. You don’t want your lipstick to slide off quite the opposite. Keeping your lips exfoliated will help your lipstick go on smoother and make it stay looking great for longer.

Start with clean lips: To get long lasting lipstick, you need to make sure that your lips are perfectly clean before you start. Any grease or oil from food, for example, or oily moisturizer from your face, will stop the lipstick adhering to your lips. Wash your lips thoroughly before applying lipstick and blot them to make sure that there is no moisture left that could ruin the effect of the lipstick and stop it going on smoothly.

Lip liner: Using a pencil to line your lips will make your lipstick last longer. It’s not necessary to match the lipstick colour; you can use a nude liner. Another way to make your lipstick last longer is to use the lip liner to fill in your lips as an undercoat, in the same way that you would prepare a wall before painting. Do avoid this if you suffer from dry lips, as it is very drying.

Use lipstick primer: The first basic rule to follow if you want longer lasting lipstick is to use a lipstick primer. This one small extra step will provide a smooth base on which to apply your lipstick and it will make the lipstick stick to your lips a lot better too. Surprisingly, not every store sells lipstick primer, but look around for it because it will be well worth the effort. Primers have a waxy texture that helps lipstick adhere and stay looking great for much longer.

Choose the right shade: The shade of lipstick that you use will also determine how long your lipstick lasts for. In general, the lighter the shade of the lipsticks, the faster it will wear off. The darker colours contain more pigment, so they keep their colour for longer and are less likely to get rubbed off when you drink and eat or just when you lick your lips.

Brands: The very cheap lipsticks will fade very quickly, so it’s well worth spending a little bit extra to get a high quality brand of lipstick if you really want it to last. Lipstick is one item of make up that you really do get what you pay for, so go for the quality brand, long lasting lipstick, whenever you can.

Application: Applying lipstick straight from the tube is fine for a top-up of colour, or if you’re in a hurry. For lasting lipstick, you should use a brush though. Don’t overload the brush with colour, as the colour is likely to smudge. Take your time to apply it carefully, so that you don’t make mistakes.

Blot and re-apply: A single coat of lipstick isn’t likely to last too long, so for long-lasting application you’ll need to apply more than one layer. Have a tissue handy so that you can blot each coat before applying another. You’ll need to apply two or three coats of colour. This build-up of colour should help your lipstick to last several hours.

Powder: If you like a matte look for your lipstick, then powder will help it last. You can buy setting powder or use ordinary face powder (remember to only use translucent powder). Don’t put the powder straight on your lips; hold a layer of tissue against your lips and apply through that. You can also try the powder technique over lip pencil.

Drink with a straw: We’ve all noticed how drinking from a glass leaves a lip print, it’s annoying. The best way to enjoy a drink and leave your lipstick intact is to use a straw if you’re drinking water, juice or a cocktail.