Water Retention; Causes And Way Out


– Why water retention happens.

– What to do when the retention of water occurs.

Water retention refers to a situation where the body or the body tissues retain or withhold water in the body. It occurs when fluid is not removed from the body tissues.

We can also refer to this condition as ‘Oedema’. Basically, we have two types of oedema which include general edema and local edema.

When general edema occurs, it means the retention of water occurs all over the body, the whole body tissues still withhold fluid.

On the other hand, a localized edema occurs when a part or parts of the body retain water. Even the skin might fail to remove fluid from the body through sweats, thereby causing a retention of water in the skin.

Also, when this condition occurs, it can affect the mood and an individual’s performance throughout the whole day.

Why the body retains water.

There are some symptoms of water retention, they include the following;

  • A feeling of sluggishness. You just become habitually idle that you will not feel like doing any task.
  • Being lazy, inactive or dull can also happen when this situation is at hand.
  • The stiffness of the body can also occur.

When our body retains water that is meant to be removed, there are certain things that can lead to the occurrence of this condition. Some of the causes of water retention include the following;

1. Hormonal changes can cause the body to retain water, it plays a major role. When there are abnormalities in the hormonal system, this can happen.
2. The deficiency of vitamins in the body is another cause. This can be due to malnutrition or an unhealthy diet.
3. Heredity is another risk factor.
4. Lifestyle changes and reactions of the body to hot weather.
5. Certain medications can also lead to this condition.
6. High intake of salt is another cause.

Some of the ways to get rid of water retention are;

1. Visit a doctor for proper medical treatment.

How to prevent water retention.

2. Always eat a healthy diet that includes lots of fruits and vegetables.
3. Embrace a good lifestyle by including some physical activities in your daily routine. Take time to exercise your body.
4. Take enough protein.
5. Avoiding sitting and standing still for too long can also help to overcome it.
6. Avoid extreme temperature.
7. Getting a massage can also help.

It is important to take a proper care of the body to avoid a breakdown of the body system.