Unbelievable Health Benefits Of Tobacco


– How beneficial is tobacco to the health?

– Reasons why smoking tobacco is not totally bad.

Smoking generally is known to be a bad thing and a cause of many diseases and deadly sicknesses that plague a lot of individuals.

However, research has it that smoking tobacco can have a beneficial effect on the health and body in general.

Tobacco is any plant of the ‘genus nicotiana’ or the leaves of ‘Nicotiana tabacum’. People smoke tobacco or its leaves, it is also used for the production of cigarettes, cigars, snuff, for smoking in pipes or for chewing.

This is to say that there are two ways of taking tobacco, you can either smoke it in pipes or cigars and you can also chew it ( if it the leaves that you are taking).

Although, smoking causes lung dysfunction, cancer, SIDS, heart disease, birth defects, preterm birth, and other serious health problems.

However, tobacco smoking has numerous health benefits. And the health benefits of tobacco outweigh the dark sides of smoking it.


Also, there are types of tobacco and what you smoke and how you smoke it goes a long way in determining whether you will enjoy the benefits or not.

For instance, ‘Lobelia’ is an Indian tobacco that is very effective for quitting your smoking habit because it is very much like the real nicotine, but it does not have any of its addictive properties.

The health benefits of tobacco, whether you smoke it in pipes or chew it include the following;

1. Tobacco contains certain phytonutrients that help in providing relief for mental illnesses. It helps to alleviate the signs of mental illnesses.

2. Also, the cognitive, physical, as well as the psychiatric effects of schizophrenia, can be reduced by smoking tobacco.

3. Also, smoking tobacco serves as a treatment for eating disorders. Tobacco itself is said to be a strong appetite suppressant.

So, people that have eating disorders and are smokers of tobacco can derive this benefit from it.

4. Nicotine as a property of tobacco is an anti-inflammatory agent. Therefore, smoking tobacco can help us minimise the risk of certain inflammatory disorders.

5. Also, tobacco is used to improve memory, relieve tension, enhance blood flow, reduce inflammation, and strengthen the liver.