Top Dark Sides Of Cycling And Ways To Stay Safe


– Why you should be cautious while cycling.

– The disadvantages or adverse effects of cycling.

Despite that fact that there are enormous benefits that we can derive from cycling, there are still some dark sides to it. Cycling or riding bicycles keep us fit and healthy.

It is a form of aerobic exercise that boosts our energy, increases both our physical and mental health and also aids a good cardiovascular health.

Despite all these benefits, there are some dark sides of cycling that you should know. So, before you take up cycling, be aware of the dangers of it and know how to protect yourself and how to prevent or avert the dangers.

Dark sides of cycling.

Exercise is good for the health and just like any other form of exercise has some dangers that are attached to it, cycling also has.

However, taking certain protective measures will help us either avert the danger or minimise the injuries that we will sustain when the dangers eventually come.

The top dark sides of cycling or dangers of cycling include the following;

1. Cycling accident.
This is the most common danger of cycling. Cycling accidents can occur in forms of falls and crashes. You can hit a stone while riding which might cause you to fall and if care is not taken, you can sustain severe injuries.

One major way to prevent this is by using your helmet at all times. Do not ride without a helmet on your head.

2. Muscle spasms, sprain, and strain

All these can also occur during the activity of cycling or after cycling. You can suffer muscle spasm and it can also be a joint sprain.

Use a knee support system or joint braces to prevent or to treat this.

3. A backache and pain can also occur when you cycle.

4. Another dark side of cycling is chest pain. This can occur as a result of cycling.