Tips To Overcome Body Odor


– Ways you can prevent your body from smelling.

– Factors that contribute to body odor.

An odor refers to any smell which can either be fragrant or offensive. The odor we are talking about here is an offensive one.

Body odor also refers to an unpleasant smell that a person’s body emits. Often, this is caused by bacteria that multiply because of sweat.

It is something embarrassing and offensive, in fact, many of us try every possible means to prevent our bodies from bringing out the odor.

Whether the odor is mild, strong or offensive, body odor is an issue that needs prompt attention.That is why there are many substances that we can apply on our body to prevent it.

However, regardless of the measure, we take to curb body odor, there is the need to look into and treat the underlying cause of this offensive smell.

Body odor

Sweat itself is said to be odorless, but there are bacteria that multiply in the sweat, they use it as a breeding ground which produces a smell.

Some tips that can help you overcome body odor include the following;

1. Antiperspirants

These are substances that are used to minimize sweating or perspiration. It also helps to curb odor, one can apply an antiperspirant on the underarm.

You can also use these products at bedtime or after taking a shower or bath in the morning.

2. Practice good hygiene

How to prevent body odor

This is also important if one wants to overcome this offensive odor. Be clean, take your bath or shower regularly. Practice a good hygiene to prevent your body from smelling.

3. Keep your underarms clean.

It is necessary that you shave your armpit and keep it clean to prevent odor.

4. Avoid wearing smelly shoes.

Foul smells that come from shoes can also amount to body odor.

5. Watch what you eat.

Spices or foods that have strong scents can cause odor. For instance, eating foods or spices such as garlic, onion, etc can cause a foul breath or body smell.

6. Use Antibacterial Soap

Make use of soaps that give protection against bacteria, it helps you to prevent body odor.