The Side Effects Of Sanitary Pads

Side Effects Of Sanitary Pads

– What women should know about sanitary napkins

– The disadvantageous sides of sanitary pads.

Sanitary pads, sanitary napkins, and tampons are what women use for the collection of blood when they are menstruating. There are different types of pads with different manufacturers.

Some side effects of the use of sanitary pads include the following;

1.If you wear a sanitary napkin for a long period of hours, it can cause lumps in the vaginal area.

2. Sanitary pads can also cause irritation and some other infections.Due to certain chemicals that they contain, some ladies react to this, it irritates them.

3. There are some napkins or pads that are made of cellulose gel, especially the ultra pads, these are dangerous to the health. Napkins that contain cellulose gel and not cotton can cause cervical cancer.

Instead of using pads that contain cellulose gel, use the ones that are made of cotton.

4. Also, there are some chemical contaminants (both cancerous and non-cancerous) that are in the pads, as you wear them, with time, they can accumulate inside your body and this can threaten your reproductive health.

5. A tampon is also another type of sanitary napkin, tampons contain certain chemicals that are toxic to the reproductive system.

Side Effects Of Sanitary Pads
Side effects of sanitary pads.

These chemicals are ‘Dioxin and Rayon’, although they make tampons look pure and clean, these bleaching agents are toxic to the immune and reproductive system.

6. Another side effect that some encounter is that of excessive itching or unusual discharge from the vagina, if you notice this, consult a medical doctor.

7. Also, the plastic impermeable bottom layer that most manufacturers use in the production of sanitary pads does not allow liquid or air to pass through, thereby creating a very good environment for bacteria to develop.

It is advisable that you wear sanitary pads and panty liners that allow air flow. Wear cotton pads instead of ultra pads too. Avoid pads that also contain cellulose gel.