Side Effects Of Excess Papaya


– The good sides and the bad sides of pawpaw.

– The side effects of papaya that you should know.

Papaya is a tree with an edible fruit. People also refer to the fruit of this tree as a pawpaw fruit. It can either be green or yellow.

Some people eat it when it is ripe while others can eat it when it is not yet ripe. This fruit is sweet and it is also juicy, you can eat it raw or make juice with it.

There are many benefits that that is attached to the consumption of papaya and there are side effects as well.

Aside from the fact that papaya belongs to the category of fruit which is essential in our diet, there are certain chemicals that papaya contains that can affect the health positively or adversely.

Regardless of the benefits of papaya, taking it in excess can lead to an adverse effect on the health. A medium-sized papaya contains approximately 120 calories, fiber, and more than three times the vitamin C you need each day. This is why eating too much of pawpaw can sometimes cause some unpleasant side effects.

Side effects of eating excess pawpaw.

The side effects of papaya include the following;

1. Raw papaya contains beta-carotene, a nutrient that can also provide Vitamin A to the body, this nutrient is also responsible for the orange color of papaya.

Hence, whether green, yellow or orange, eating too much pawpaw can cause skin discoloration, the body can also become tinged with yellow or orange.

Skin discoloration is also referred to as ‘carotenemia’. It is a condition where the eye white, soles, and palms turn yellow.

2. Eating excess papaya can also cause an upset stomach, it can upset the gastrointestinal system and this will lead to bloating, flatulence, abdominal pains, and cramps.

3. Papaya also contains a nutrient that we refer to as ‘Papain’. The enzyme present in papain is a powerful allergen that can trigger respiratory disorders.

These disorders may include the congestion of the nasal passage, consistent hay fever, wheezing and an obstruction in breathing.

4. Also, eating papaya can cause some allergic reactions such as itching and swelling of the mouth, headaches, abdominal pain and cramps, rashes, etc.