The Side Effects Of Eating Chocolate That You Should Know


– The dangers of eating excess chocolate.

– Reasons that will make you eat chocolate moderately.

A lot of us like eating chocolate, it has a yummy and satisfying taste. It is also delicious and contains a lot of sugar and other sweetening agents, probably this is why quite a large number of people like taking chocolate.

A chocolate refers to a food that we derive from ground roasted cocoa beans. Chocolates are available in various forms that include; Chocolate drink, Chocolate bar,  etc.

chocolate cake.

The cocoa in chocolate is a powerhouse of certain chemicals and it is also rich in active compounds that are quickly absorbed, affecting everything from our energy levels to mood.

Many people, old and young, children and adults, male and female love the taste of chocolate.

However, it is important to know that there are side effects of eating excess chocolate. Whatever we do or eat, it must be done moderately.

There are also healthy compounds in chocolate that benefit the health in lots of ways. The healthy compounds are richly available in dark chocolates and this is why it is better to eat dark chocolates.

Some of the benefits of eating chocolate include its abilities to calm stress, it also suppresses appetite which in turn, aids weight loss.

Despite the good sides that eating chocolate has, there are also some side effects that are attributed to it. They include the following;

1. Due to the caffeine component of chocolate, it can trigger symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) which will lead to gut discomfort.

Side effects of eating excess chocolate.

2. When some people eat chocolate, they tend to have allergic reactions such as skin reactions (acne, rash), headaches, etc.

3. The caffeine component in chocolate also raise the level of acid in the stomach and the negative side of this is that it can cause heartburn, it can worsen stomach ulcer ( for people who already have it).

4. Eating chocolate in excess can also result in headaches, dizziness, and irritation for some individuals.

5. Excess chocolate also affects the blood sugar level.