Lip Numbness And How To Treat It


– What is lip numbness and what are the causes?

– The Symptoms of lips numbness and its treatments.

Numbness refers to the inability to experience any feeling or sensation in a part of the body. It occurs when there is an absent or a reduced sensitivity to stimulation.

It can also be referred to as ‘hypoesthesia’, it is a partial loss of tactile sensation.

When this condition occurs, one will start feeling an unnatural sensation on the lips is called the state of numb lips.

Also, when conditions that affect the sensory nerves of the lips occur, there will be an abnormal feeling on the lips. It is also possible that one will not have any feeling in the lip.

Also, these conditions that affect the sensory nerves can also lead to lip tingling and one experience a burning sensation in the lips.

The numbness or sensation also vary depending on the cause or the severity of the problem.

Some things that cause hypoesthesia include the following;

1. Allergic reactions. Some people are allergic to some foods or drugs, this can cause hypoesthesia. Food poisoning can also cause it.

Lip numbness

2. Adverse effects or adverse reactions to certain drugs can also cause it.

3. Also, exposure to the poisonous chemical can cause it.

4. Lyme disease can also cause hypoesthesia to occur.

5. Exposing your body to too much cold is also another risk factor.

6. Anxiety and stress can cause it. Also, when one inhales and exhales in rapid succession, there will be a shortage of carbon dioxide in the blood, resulting in more anxiety.

7. Other health conditions that can cause lip numbness are; hyperventilation, peripheral neuropathy, hypocalcemia, ciguatera poisoning, transient ischemic attack, Multiple Sclerosis, etc.

Symptoms of hypoesthesia include the following;

  • The person might experience difficulty in talking.
  • Bleeding might occur
  • There might also be an inflammation of the lips.
  • Swelling and redness of the lips.
  • Tingling of the lips.
  • Irritation might also occur, etc.

Treatments for vary depending on the cause. You can use petroleum jelly and can also avoid certain drugs.

The underlying cause of the numbness will determine its treatment. Visit the doctor for proper treatment.