#LifeStyle, Lovers, 5 Distinct Kisses That Sends 5 Distinct Messages

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There are a lot of ways to send your spouse a message without saying anything at all ? and kissing is probably one of the best ways! Kissing is an incredibly effective (not to mention romantic) form of nonverbal communication. It?s important to kiss your spouse every day, multiple times a day. Don?t ever let a day go by without kissing the love of your life!

Show your sweetheart how you really feel with one of these five distinct mouth-to-mouth messages.
1. The peck

The peck is quick, easy and short. It lasts under two seconds, and it?s an effective way to say, ?Good morning, sunshine!? or ?Have a great day at work!? Get in the habit of giving your honey a peck before you go to bed at night and when you wake up in the morning. Make sure you always share a peck before heading out the door to work. The peck is one of the simplest ways to share physical affection at times when it?s not realistic to share more. The peck says, ?I?m thinking about you, and I care about you.? It can also be a great way to smooth over a tough conversation.

2. The b*tterfly kiss.
The b*tterfly kiss is when you flutter your eyelashes on your sweetheart?s cheek, just below the eye. It?s a little nuzzle that says you?re feeling cuddly and want some attention. It works great if you?re lucky enough to have long eyelashes; otherwise, you might want to try something else. Moving on.

3. The side kiss

Similar to the peck, the side kiss is a short kiss that?s useful in public. When you?re standing beside your spouse, holding hands in the grocery store, lean in and steal a side kiss. It?s brief, but it?s meaningful. It?s the kissing equivalent of a wink. It says, ?I like having you by my side.? The side kiss sends a clear message to others that the hottie standing next to you is taken. Don?t be ashamed to share the side kiss in public from time to time ? especially in front of your children. That shared moment is too sweet for the world not to ?oooh? and ?ahhh? over.

4. The smooch

Ah, the smooch. You know what this one looks like. On the spectrum of kissing, this one is somewhere between a peck and a ?grab-both-sides-of-your-face-and-pull-you-in? kiss. The smooch usually lasts about 5-10 seconds. It?s a kiss that holds on a little longer. The smooch is often used at airports when couples say goodbye ? or in cheesy films like High School Musical. Sure, it?s a little over-the-top, but admit it. It?s super fun and quite romantic. Next time you are reunited with your spouse, offer a huge smooch and whisper something sweet. It?ll be a hit.

5. The 30-second kiss

When it comes to nurturing your marriage, this kiss is the most important. This is an ?I never want to let go? kind of kiss. An ?I want to keep kissing you? kind of kiss. You should share at least one 30-second kiss (or longer) with your spouse each day.

When is the best time for this kind of kiss? ANYTIME. But it really works its magic when it?s the first thing you do after being apart during the day. The message sent by the 30-second kiss is loud and clear: ?I really love you. More than anything or anyone else. I love you to the moon and back ? to the end of forever.?

If it?s been awhile since you last shared this passionate kiss, go do it. Now. The 30-second kiss is pure magic that will nurture your marriage. It causes all kinds of chemical and physical reactions that will leave you and your spouse craving more of each other (which is always a plus).

The bottom line here? Kissing is awesome. And it?s super important in keeping love alive in your marriage. So, go kiss your spouse. Seriously. It?s one of the sweetest, truest and most effective ways to say, ?I love you!?