#LifeStyle: Ladies, How To Win The Heart Of Your Crush


There is this guy in your life, who makes you go weak in your knees every time you lay eyes on him. Now love will happen if it is meant to be. Destiny will take its own course. But why play by the rules? Why not give destiny a little nudge? Sometimes even the cupid needs a little help to shoot in the right direction. Here are some ways to help you make your crush fall in love with you.

1) Get Noticed
He cannot fall in love with you if he doesn?t know you exist. It is good to be casual, act as if you don?t care and sometimes it is the best way to make your crush more interested in you, but make sure that he notices you.

2)?Be S3xy and look good
People are attracted to people who are attractive, so please take care of your appearance.? Looking good is very-very important. Get your hair done, work out, and maybe get your teeth whitened. When you feel good about yourself, people notice. Dress in what suits your body best.

3)?Look Interested
When you have the chance to talk to him, look interested in his talks and pay compliments to him. Guys like to think you know what they are talking about. Common interests are must for a relationship.

4) Be Flirty
Flirt with him. Give him signals that he interests you. Try and make maximum eye contact with him. Give him some flirty glances in between and look him in the eye if he asks what? Just say it is nothing but his eyes are beautiful.

5) Make a common friend
Make a friend that he is friends with also (make sure that?s a guy). He could be a way to communicate to your crush. He will also come in handy when you want to know more about your crush.

6) Make him jealous
Have a good time without your crush. Have fun with others guys and make sure he is jealous watching you talking or flirting with someone else. Be sure not to overdo it. This is just a way to send him a small message that that you have other options also to be happy.

7)?Never be clingy
Value your independence. Don?t cling to him for everything. Too much attention can make you look desperate in his eyes.

Most importantly, you should not worry too much on how to make him fall in love with you. Your love should like you the way you are. If he doesn?t, just accept the fact that he is not the one for you. Love is not a one night affair. In the end all that matters is that you love yourself.