#LifeStyle: Ladies, How The Food You Eat Affects Your V@gina

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You?d probably have heard of the words ?you are what you eat? which translates into the fact that what we take in through our mouth has an overall effect on the whole of our system. Nothing is truer than this as food and drinks that we take in through the mouth can either make or mar us. Foods are so powerful that they have an effect on our look, moods and even the way we smell. Certain foods have been known to affect the smell of our urine and this fact seems to be even more important for women given that some foods may affect the smell of their vagina.

Vagina pH

Vaginas that lack any form of disease naturally have an acidic pH. However, the vagina still has a lot of healthy bacteria which are known as normal flora that?have a positive influence on the vagina. These healthy bacteria help to fight off infections and keep the body in a naturally healthy state.

However, the kind of food you eat may have an effect on the pH of the vagina. This change in pH from an acidic to an alkaline state may change the way your vagina smells. In certain instances, it may even change the taste! Certain foods especially spices such as garlic and ginger and other foods like onions, red meat, certain vegetables and alcohol can alter the natural balance of your vagina which inadvertently has an effect on the smell of the vagina.

On the other hand, certain fruits and fruit juices like pineapples may turn things around positively by making your vagina smell and taste sweet. But whatever the effect these foods may have on your vagina, it will only last for two to three days irrespective of the amount you eat.

Appropriate Foods
You now know that the kind of food you eat has an effect on the smell and taste of your vagina. You may be wondering what kind of food you should eat to ensure your vagina smells and tastes fresh. Fresh fruits and vegetables rank on top of the pecking order followed by cereals and grains. Taking lots of water will also help keep you well hydrated down there. More so, yoghurt with rich probiotic cultures will help ensure that your vagina pH remains well balanced in the acidic range.

Cut Down On The Sugars
You may not know this but taking foods rich in glucose and natural sugars have an effect on the proliferation of Fungi (yeast) in your vagina. It has been especially found to be so in women who have uncontrolled blood sugar levels occurring as a result of type 1 or type 2 diabetes. As such, it is important you cut down on foods with high sugars and calories for the sake of your vagina and your overall health.


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