Checkout Mourinho?s Comments After Chelsea Was Defeated by Bournemouth at Stamford Bridge


While speaking about the defeat, Chelsea manager, Jose Mourinho said the referee made some mistakes, he said

?The ref made an important mistake but it?s a part of the game? ? Mourinho says of the ?clear hand-ball? when Francis handled from Costa?s centre in the box.
?In second half we were much more aggression, especially from the right side. A better cross, better movement, better way to attack the ball. We tried in the period and in that period they scored their goal.?
Mourinho then hits out at the time-wasting: ?They played in a way that some call intelligent, some say is not fair play. They were taking time, calling for the medical department and drinking water like it is basketball time out.?
?In the basketball they are more then ready for that. I think they did very well?.
Mourinho speaks about relegation
?I was concerned before and I?m concerned now. There?s no chance Chelsea will be fighting relegation. Our objective is to finish top four. This defeat is not a dangerous position. Our objective is to finish top four, but maybe we have to finish top six.
?I have to give my maximum every match. I feel as strong as ever. I do not know another way.
?We are all in it together. If you analyse matches, you can clearly identify a few players who are not able to be consistent all the time. We are not being consistent because of some individuals.