#LifeStyle: Guys, 5 Things You Should Stop Doing If You Don’t Wanna Loose Her


Take a look at 7 Things you may be doing that may make you become single sooner than you think.

You Don?t Maintain Eye Contact
Women naturally believe that when men maintain eye contact with them, there is a form of intimacy and connection. This doesn?t mean you have to constantly look into her eyes as that may make you appear like a weirdo but giving her attention when you?re together by taking your eyes away from distractions such as your phone or football game being shown on the television can do a lot to convey your feelings to her.

You Never Ask Her Questions
Being silent about issues you should be responsive to speaks volumes. When she?s all excited about a particular activity she did and you don?t ask her any follow up questions about what she?s telling you, she takes it as a sign that you?re not interested in happenings in her life. It?s not about asking questions like she?s at a job interview but if you do care about her, you?d be concerned about the details.

She Takes All The Decisions
Taking decisions is a huge task and telling your partner to always do this is a burden she might take as a sign you?re no longer into her. Tasks like choosing a movie to watch or what colour of shirt you should buy may be taken as a sign that you don?t care about her. She may go on to even think that when tougher decisions arise, you may leave her alone to do it.
You can turn things around by showing more interest and taking an active role in decision making.

You Rarely Acknowledge Her
When your partner makes certain remarks like ?I?d love to have my honeymoon in paris? or ?Noodles ate my favorite meal?, it may appear they don?t require a response but acknowledging their statement can be an indicator of whether they would stay or leave the relationship. Women tend to use certain statements as a means of connecting emotionally with their partners. She wants your attention by saying those things in hope that you?d catch the drift and respond. The small gesture of responding shows you?re interested in her and it may go a long way in having a long lasting relationship.

You Don?t Find Her Funny
In truth, she may not be funny but so what? Laughing at what she jokes about is a subtle sign of respect and one she cherishes. When you laugh at the things she says, it?s a sign that you want and affirm what she?s saying. The more you laugh at her jokes, the better she would feel about your relationship and become more confident about herself.