#LifeStyle: Guys, 4 Good Reasons You Should Keep The Beard (According to experts)

Its time to stop cutting that beard, after reading this, i bet you’ll start leaving it.

1. Reduce?infections:?No shaving means no ingrown hairs, no bacterial infections, and nofolliculitis (where the hair follicles become inflamed by bacteria or fungus).

2. Keeps allergens out:?Just like nose hair, facial hair works as a filter?and helps to prevent allergy causing substances such as pollen?and dust. Beards are the obnoxious doormen of your face.

3. Prevent colds:?Beards can help keep you warm, and?cold viruses thrive?in a colder environment. Winning!

4. Help prevent cancer:?According to researchers from the University of Southern Queensland, a thick, bountiful beard can make their owner better looking and healthier. For their study, the researchers put a group of bearded?and not bearded mannequins under the brutal Australian outback sun.

When they looked out the amount of radiation absorbed by each mannequin-participant, the researchers found that the?beards blocked an astounding 90 to 95 percent?of harmful ultraviolet radiation?rays from the faces of the mannequins.