Ladies! See Physical Features That Men Find Absolutely Irresistible

See Physical Features That Men Find Absolutely Irresistible
See Physical Features That Men Find Absolutely Irresistible

According to a report by Dailystar, men find women with 6 of the following physical features irresistible. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but there’s six scientifically-proven physical attributes that are bound to drive him wild.
If you’ve ever wondered why he’s staring when you walk past that’s because guys are biologically hard-wired to perform a mental test while checking you out.
According to Dr. Midge Wilson at DePaul University, guys do a “reproductive fitness assessment” to see if you’d be a suitable mate based on features that are associated with good health and fertility.
Here are the six things he can’t resist:
1. A wide waist-to-hip ratio
Apparently studies say men are more attracted to women with a waist-to-hip ratio of 7:10.
That’s because guys subconsciously think that women with an hourglass figure – with a smaller waist, bigger butt and wider hips – will bear children better.
2. A high-pitched voice
Men go wild for a higher-pitched voice because it’s associated with youth and a small, feminine body according to research from University College London.

3. Healthy hair
Having shiny, long and luscious locks is a turn on because it’s another sign of health and fertility.
4. A nice smile
Guys can’t resist a woman who looks happy but apparently the whiter a woman’s teeth, the better – so make sure you’re brushing twice a day.
Interestingly women prefer men who keep a straight face.

5. Natural look
Men prefer women who wear less make-up and show off their natural beauty, so ditch the slap before your next date.
Researchers at Bangor University found that lads prefer girls who use 40% less cosmetics.
6. The colour red
Red had long since been associated with love and sex so it’s little wonder that scientist say it increases physical attraction.
Wear a scarlet dress or paint your lips pillar box to amplify s*x appeal.