Ladies: 5 Remedies to static hair


Ladies: 5 Remedies to static hair

Follow these 5 simple steps for a better hair day. Never would have to suffer forever.

Especially in the wintertime, it seems to come on all of a sudden with little warning. All of the winter festivities are more miserable than it should be when you know that your Christmas pictures will include nothing but rosy cheeks and frizzy hair.

Take a deep breath and listen closely. There is a way to eliminate the negatively charged electrons from causing the great depression of 2016. Grab a pen and paper and start taking notes. You are not going to want to forget these tips come December!

1. Wash at night, cut dry time

If you do not want to get a new hair dryer because let’s face it, who wants to spend that kind of money, consider washing your hair at night and sleeping on it. Oftentimes the static comes from blow-drying your hair in the morning. If you let your hair dry in your sleep, you are eliminating the need to use a static creating hair dryer.

2. Run a splash of moisturizer on your ends

I know- the idea of adding grease to your scalp makes the ends of your hair’s curl even more. But if you just rub the moisturizer in your hands and gently run your hands through your hair, the static will leave your hair allowing you to maintain it much better.

3. Avoid using a plastic comb

Let me guess, you got a cheap comb from your local convenient store hoping it would work just fine. What you didn’t know is that it is not helping your frizzy mess go away. Plastics will only add to the static. Get a metal comb instead!

4. It’s braid time

Braids that have volume are the best! Stop the static hair from winning the game and use it to your advantage. Whether it’s just a few strands of hair, or a full on French braid of perfection, you can beat static hairs nasty game in a flash.

5. Rub dryer sheets on your hair

Yes, this works. I can say so from experience. Just think about it for a second. Don’t you put dryer sheets in the dryer to prevent static?

Before you go to bed, rub the dryer sheets on your head and pillow. You will wake up with calm and collected hair.

Credit: Family share