Ladies! 10 ways to spot a Womanizer

10 ways to spot a Womanizer
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Many of us are still looking for The One – the guy we will spend the rest of our lives with. Our soul mate who will be there for us all the time, loving us, comforting us, sharing moments with us and protecting us.

Finding the one guy that is perfect for you is not easy, and many of us are scared of making the same dating mistakes over again. Many of us have dated the creeps, the losers, the lazies, the crazies, the overly sickly sweets, the FIFA players, the machos, the mommies boys, and the over achievers who we can’t keep up with. But what about the one type of man we all fear the most, The Womanizer?

The womanizer is a man who isn’t ready to settle down yet, but he’ll do anything to convince you that he is. He’ll tell you you’re the love of your life and that you’ve got great eyes, great legs and great everything.

But how do you know when you’ve got a womanizer on your hands and not the genuine article? Let’s take a look at the top 10 warning signs of a womanizer.

1. He Gets Your Name Wrong

Yesterday you were Rita, today you’re Lisa and tomorrow you’ll be Priscilla. Sure, he says he’s got fifteen aunties and five different moms but you should know deep down that he’s actually got too many single ladies in his life.

2. He’s Super Vain

For a lot of women, having a great sense of humour is the first trait we look for in a prospective partner. But if a man is a womanizer, it’s highly likely that his sense of humour cuts dead as soon as you touch his immaculate hair.

Don’t try to touch his suits either because they cost a bomb.

“Please tell me you did not just put my dry-clean only suit in the wash? I. MIGHT. DIE.”

3. He Never Lives Up To His Word

We’ve all felt a rush of blood to our heads as our man tells us what he’s going to do for us. He’s going to take us away for a romantic weekend, introduced us to his family, and basically capture the moon for us.

It all sounds so exciting and we instantly buy into his dream. His words have swept us off our feet.

After a few weeks and months, though, he still hasn’t made good on his word. You’ve still not been away for a weekend together (as a matter of fact, he seems to spend most of his weekends away on his own), and you haven’t even met his family. Is this guy for real and are his endless list of excuses just a cover-up? You bet!

4. He Has A Reputation

If women have come up to you or messaged you on Facebook that your new man has got a reputation, you shouldn’t swiftly dismiss this accusations as manifestations of jealousy. Instead, you should hear them out and make up your own mind.

5. He Only Seems To Appear Later At Night

From my experience, this is the biggest tell-tale sign of them all that you’ve got a perennial womanizer on your hands.

Your man should be available day and night, and not just “any time after ten PM.” It just isn’t good enough that he only makes a cameo appearance when the sun has set. Sure, he tells you that he’s been working late or whatnot, but you know deep down that something just doesn’t seem right here.

A man who isn’t a womanizer will want to see you at all times, and not at the witching hour only.

6. When He Compliments You All The Time

They say that when a guy compliments us too much it usually means they’re feeling guilty about something, or they’ve got something to hide.

Sometimes, guys will shower us with compliments whenever they’re feeling good about something – such as a spot of womanising.

When a man looks into your eyes and tells you how beautiful you are, it’s sincere and genuine.

But when he’s hyper and won’t stop covering you with compliments about your eyes, your legs, your hair, your bum et cetera, you should be on your guard.

7. He Moves Really Fast

You haven’t even introduced yourself and he already wants to buy a house with you and have all your babies. Red flag.

8. He Locks His Phone

We all locked our phones when we were kids (still no idea why), but no normal adult does this in 2016.

Except womanizers, of course.

If you notice that his phone is constantly buzzing and he’s always texting someone, it’s a pretty big warning sign. But if he also locks his phone so that you can never access it, it’s a full on red-alert that he’s not the man for you.

9. He Doesn’t Call Back For Ages

You’ve just had a great night with him that you both seemed to enjoy. You had a laugh, some dinner and a bit of romance. It went so well.

But then he doesn’t return your call for days afterwards. What gives?

Eventually, of course, he will return and say that he was busy or something equally empty. He’ll want another giggle, some more dinner and a bit more romance again.

Take all this as a warning sign. He only wants you when he’s got a few needs to fulfil. Once they’ve been taken care of, he’s off to look for other adventures.

10.He Flirts On Social Media

Facebook is often a great place to find out whether or not your man is a womanizer. If he isn’t a womanizer, his photos and comments will be totally normal and respectful. There might be pictures of him enjoying a drink with the lads, and maybe one or two of his mom.

If, however, he can’t get enough of the opposite sex, you can expect to see lots of photos of him on regular nights out with lots of different girls. You’ll also notice flirty comments and invitations to hang out with all kinds of women you’ve never heard of before. No matter how much he tells you he loves you, it’s clear that he can’t control his appetite for girls.

10 ways to spot a Womanizer