Indications Of Ear Blockage And Its Remedies

Ear blockage

– Why ear blockage happens.

– How to prevent ear blockage.

Clogged ears are synonymous with ear blockage, and it simply refers to a blockage in the ear canal. This might have nothing to do with an individual’s hearing ability.

It is just an evidence that the ears have been blocked due to one reason or the other.

Also, earwax buildup and ear blockage work hand in hand. If there is earwax buildup, then, a blockage is at hand. Unremoved earwax buildup can lead to infection.

When the ear canal produces more waxy oil or ear wax (cerumen)than necessary, it may pile up and block the ears.

The major causes of blockage in the ear include:

  • Excess production of waxy oil or earwax by the ear canal.

    Causes of clogged ear.
  • Also, failure to clean the ear can lead to ear blockage.
  • Using cotton swabs, bobby pins, or other objects in your ear canal can also push wax deeper, creating a blockage.
  • When you also use earphone often, it can cause earwax buildup.

Symptoms of ear blockage include:

1. The clogged ear can lead to reduced hearing capacity.

2. Temporary hearing loss also occurs.

3. Windy sounds inside the ear.

4. Feeling a sensation of liquid or water within the ear.

5. Earache and the feeling of fullness in the ear are also symptoms of a blockage in the ear.

Treatments include;

1. Clean your ears to prevent wax buildup.

2. The use of olive oil is also another remedy. Olive oil will help soften ear wax so you can easily remove it.

3. You can also chew gums to loosen the wax in your ear.

4. Also, to relieve pain in the ear and to get rid of clogged ears you can perform the Valsalva maneuver.

5. Yawning is an effective remedy, it helps you redistributes the fluid in your ears.

6. Pay a visit to your doctor, this is also important in the treatment of ear blockage.

Other ways of treating ear blockage are; take a hot shower, use a mixture of hydrogen peroxide to remove earwax, steam your ear, use alcohol and apple vinegar among others.