Dangers Of Eating Whole Grain-Wheat

– Wheat

– Dangers of eating wheat

Wheat is a common grain in most homes as it is used in the preparation of different delicacies.

Some people prepare the whole grains of wheat as a meal, while some grind it into powder before preparation.

However, the consumption of wheat can pose certain dangers to the health due to reasons that include:

  1. It contains gluten; this is a type of protein found in wheat. Many people find it difficult to digest this form of protein.

The inability to digest this gluten leads to large spikes in blood sugar which tends to stimulate hunger and makes one want to eat more.

Also,  gluten can cause inflammation in people with celiac disease or non-celiac gluten sensitivity. Wheat is also a problem even for people who aren’t sensitive to gluten specifically.

Inflammation is very dangerous because it leads to Increased Intestinal Permeability. Inflammation in the gut contributes to a problem called intestinal permeability.

Wheat gluten is also a major potential trigger of diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, autoimmune, neurological diseases, etc.

Chronic pain syndromes, psychiatric and other brain disorders, intestinal diseases as well as obesity can also be caused by gluten.

  1. Also, wheat contains certain elements that reduce the nutrients of other foods. One of these substances present in wheat includes phytic acid.

    Whole grains.

That is why we refer to wheat as an ‘anti-nutrient food’.

Preparation of grains such as wheat is so critical because their anti-nutrients can cause health problems if they aren’t properly treated through fermentation or soaking.

  1. Wheat doesn’t contain all the essential amino acids in the right ratios and is therefore not a very good source of protein for humans.
  2. Also, another health-harming substance in wheat is Wheat Germ Agglutinin (WGA), it is a category of lectins.

They are tiny and hard to digest, lectins can accumulate within the body and wreak havoc on physical and mental well-being.

When WGA is present in the body, it can break the natural immune barrier in the gut, making the gut more permeable to things that don’t belong in your blood, thereby posing a threat to the health.

  1. Also, consuming large amounts of modernly prepared whole grains especially wheat can cause the body to become mineral deficient.

Diet is important to the health, it is necessary to eat foods that do more good than harm to the body.