Health Tips: Six Body Pains You Should NEVER Ignore

Six Body Pains You Should NEVER IgnoreSix Body Pains You Should NEVER Ignore Ladies LifeStyle 9jastreet
Some common aches could very well be nothing or could be something far worse. Men tend to ignore a lot of stress and pains that women pay attention to. Signs and symptoms including chest pains, dizziness, headaches and so on are some of the common symptoms men would rather see off than visit a doctor for.

Nearly everyone experiences a headache or leg cramp on occasion. Typically, these and other seemingly minor pains are waited out or treated with over-the-counter medicine. But when do these aches warrant a visit to the doctor’s office, or even hospital?

Lower back pain: This could be a symptom of heart disease. Often, back pain comes from normal wear and tear on your muscles. But in serious cases, it can also be a sign of these conditions: Infection, tumor, ruptured disc or kidney stones. You can also have back pain just before an aortic dissection. That’s when the main blood vessel to the middle and lower parts of your body bursts. It’s a very serious problem. See a doctor right away for your bad back pain if blood vessel problems run in your family.

Chest, throat, jaw, shoulder or arm pain: Any severe discomfort or pain in any of these areas should be checked right away. Though pneumonia is often linked to chest pain or discomfort, so is heart attack and heart disease. As is pain in the aforementioned areas. Don’t dismiss pain in any of these areas. Get to your doctor right away. It could save your life.

Tooth ache: Your teeth have a deeper relationship to our body than you think. Never ever neglect any sort of tooth ache or pain. Any infection or abscess in your teeth will immediately stream through the rest of your body. Our teeth are closely linked to many other areas of our body. You should be taking very good care of your teeth all the time anyway. Any tooth that should be pulled, should be done so right away.

Severe headache: If you are clutching in your head in severe pain and you know it’s not a migraine you need to get yourself to the hospital immediately. This could be a sign of a brain aneurysm, a hemorrhage or a tumor. Many have ignored this pain and sadly have not survived. Don’t be one of those people. Do not go lay down and hope it goes away. Always better to be safe than sorry. Oddly, headaches are one of the most ignored pains as people brush them off as just that, a headache.

Calf or leg pain: If you normally don’t get any pains in your legs and suddenly your legs are cramping and in extreme discomfort, get them checked right away. You could possibly have a blood clot brewing in there which is very dangerous. If a piece of the clot breaks free and enters your lungs the result is fatal. Any new pain in your calf or legs should be given immediate attention.

Painful Urination: Having a rusty blood coloured urine or feeling severe pain during urination can serve as an indication of bladder cancer which is the third most common type of cancer in men. Research has found smoking to be a big risk factor. Bladder cancer is usually diagnosed by eliminating similar conditions. Tests like urinalysis, followed by a cystoscopy where a scope is inserted to view the inside of the bladder. If there’s a tumour present, it can be removed through surgery, chemotherapy or radiation.