Foot Sore; Its Causes, Prevention And Treatments

– Things that cause foot sore.

– Ways to prevent and treat foot sores.

The feet is part of the essential parts of the human body. Without the feet, it will not be possible for an individual to walk or stand.

They carry us from places to places every day, they are our means of transportation. Even after getting to your destination in your ride, you still need to walk down to the exact place you are going, your car can’t take you everywhere.

Often times, we seem to undermine the importance of the feet, it is only when we are hurt that we get to know are indispensable they are.

When we hurt a foot, we always want quick relief. To get the right treatment, there is need to know the problem. That is why it is also essential to know where the pain is located.

Causes of foot sores and treatments.

The foot is a complex anatomical structure that may be affected by disease within the body or the foot itself. Also, pain in the foot interferes with your normal activities.

Causes of footsore are;
1. Sprains and Strains

They are injuries to the body, resulting from physical activity, we also sprain and strain our feet due to some activities we do. These injuries can be minor or severe, depending on the incident.

2. Walking barefooted in muddy area

This often happens to kids that are fond of walking around without any footwears, germs, and bacteria can penetrate into the foot thereby exposing it to foot sore.

3. Injuries
Injuries or wounds sustained on the foot may lead to foot sore.

A fracture is a broken bone when this occurs, there is need to see the doctor.

5.Other causes of foot sore include; ingrown toenails, plantar fasciitis, etc

Prevention of footsore;
1. Avoid things that will cause you injuries and sprains.

2. Always walk with your foot wears on, don’t walk barefooted.

3. You should also stay away from things that will make you have fractures.

Treatment of foot pain vary and depends on the cause of the pain. It may involve;

  • Strengthening and stretching it. You can do heel and foot muscle stretching.
  • Rest your foot.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Wear shoes with good arch support.
  • Take over-the-counter pain relievers.
  • Visit the doctor.