Foods That Build Healthy And Strong Bones


– Ways to build healthy bones.v is extremely important.

– Foods that are vital for strong and healthy bones.

When we talk about staying healthy and free from diseases, the foods you eat play a vital role. Eating a balanced diet will help you attain your desired healthy and strong bones.

There are also some nutrients that we can get from the food we eat, these nutrients are essential for bone health.

Aside from the food we eat, adequate exercise also helps to strengthen the bones, however, you must not over exercise yourself so as not to get the adverse effects.

Here are some essential minerals that aid bone health and these minerals are in some categories of food which include the following;

1. Diets that are rich in calcium

Calcium is important as it helps to strengthen your bones, it is the most important mineral for bone health. Also, calcium is the main mineral found in the bones.

It is important that you boost the intake of calcium, it helps to structure and strengthen the bones.

Foods that are good sources of calcium include yogurt, cheese, milk, spinach, and collard greens. There are other non-diary sources of calcium.

2. Vitamin D

This is also as essential as calcium, the truth is that the body needs vitamin D in order to absorb calcium. There must be vitamin D where there is calcium.

Examples of foods that are rich in vitamin D include; juices, cereals, eggs (the yolks), etc.

Foods that aid strong bones.

3. Foods that contain zinc

Also, zinc is a mineral that the body needs in adequate amounts. Zinc promotes the formation of bone-building cells and prevents the excessive breakdown of bone.

Studies have also shown that zinc supplements support bone growth in children and the maintenance of bone density in older adults (55, 56).

Amazing sources of zinc include beef, shrimp, spinach, flaxseeds, oysters and pumpkin seeds.

4. Eat Lots of Vegetables

Vegetables are also good for your bones.They are a good source of vitamin C which protects the bones from damages.

5. Potassium

This is also good for bone health. Eat foods that are rich in potassium.