Distractions, Inactivity, 5 Other Reasons you aren’t Achieving your Goals

7 Reasons you aren’t Achieving your Goals

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People can’t achieve their goals not because they don’t have enough determination or willpower but because they have no idea how to set and accomplish goals in an effective manner. A person who has his priorities set will achieve his goals despite obstacles in his way or mistakes made in the past.

Corina Dondas lists a few reasons why you aren’t able to achieve your goals:

  1. Not knowing what you want: One of the main reasons why most #people can’t reach their goals is because they really don’t know what they want. One of the #things that stands in the way of your success is precisely the fact that your objectives are not clearly defined. Instead of having a goal that it’s pretty vague like “I will go to the gym”, try saying “I will go to the gym twice or even three times every week when I get home from work”.

  2. You don’t know where you are with your goals: It’s pretty hard to figure out where you are at reaching your goals if you have no way to measure where you are with it. Try to always make your goals measurable because this way, you’ll always know where you stand. Try asking yourself some questions like “how much” or “how many”, since they will help you formulate your objective in a more #effective manner.

  3. Your goals are not attainable: Another reason why you can’t seem to manage to attain your #objectives is because the goals you set are impossible to reach. First, try to realize your capabilities and judge your goalsfrom there. Just believe in yourself, set attainable #goals, be optimistic and you will manage to fulfill all your dreams.

  4. Lack of commitment to the goal: Even though a lot of #people set a specific goal and they say that they have a clear objective that they want to attain, one of the reasons why they can’t manage to do it is the fact that they are not really committed to that goal. Just like every other thing in life, if you don’t give it your best, you will receive mediocre results, so dream big, work hard and stay committed to your goal.

  5. Inactivity: There are also a lot of #people who set goals, who write down dates and checkpoints but who never actually take the first step towards reaching their objective. So without action nothing happens; you need to take action steps to achieve your goals. If you set some amazing objectives but you haven’t done anything to fulfill them, then just start working towards reaching yourgoals and later you will enjoy your success.

  6. You don’t believe in yourself: If you want to reach your #goals then you need to believe in yourself, you need to trust your skills and abilities and also, you need to believe in the creative process. Winners do expect to win. If you don’t believe in yourself, you might give up on your dream too early. Don’t sabotage your #success, just find the strength and the courage you need to overcome all the obstacles that may appear in your path and you will achieve all your objectives.

  7. Distractions: There are a lot of things around us that can distract our #attention and that can prevent us from reaching our goals. Focus (and especially discipline) is the key to success, so stay focused, eliminate all distraction, avoid procrastination and work hard to reach your goals. Stay committed to achieving your objectives and think like a winner.