Why It Is Dangerous To Bite Your Finger Nails


– Reasons that will make you stop biting your nails.

– Why biting of fingertips is harmful to nail health.

The finger nail is one of the most noticeable parts of the body. that justifies why a lot of people like keeping their finger nails.

The nails make the fingers look more beautiful and attractive. Although there are dark sides or risks of keeping long nails too, which include the tendency of hurting yourself with it or bacteria hiding under the long nails.

In the same vein, it is not good to eat your finger nails or bite your finger tips, You can also eat off the bacteria hiding under your finger nails and this will cause a danger both to the nail health or body health.

There are heaps of bacteria, fungus, and yeast that hide under long finger nails, one of the common germs that hide under the finer is Staphylococcus aureus, which is harmful.

Biting of finger nails.

This germ can also cause various diseases and infections. Also, when you bite your nails, the germs are also transported to the body and this can harm the health.

Biting of the finger nails can also cause dental damage. Your oral health is at risk if you keep biting your nails. It can cause tooth loss, tooth fractures as well as a displaced jaw.

Biting or picking your nails could also lead to temporary or permanent effects to your actual nail. It can even cause an inflammation or an infection in that part of the finger.

Also, biting the nails will make the nail look ugly and less attractive, you must avoid the act of biting your nails.

Another thing that relates to biting of finger nails is that a large percentage of those who bite their nails grind their teeth at night when sleeping.

Nail biting can also cause damage to the gum. It is important that you stop the act of biting your nails, although it might be difficult, however, it is attainable.