Bone Dislocations And Treatments


– Certain things that contribute to the dislocation of bones.

– How to treat dislocation and restore bones to their normal place.

When there is a dislocation, it means there is a displacement or putting apart of things. Therefore, a bone dislocation means there is a bone that is not at its right position.

It also involves the separation of bones from their joints or sockets, and this can be due to a force on the bone or the area.

When a bone slips out of its joint, a displacement has occured. Also, dislocation can occur in any area of the body and to any joint.

One can dislocate any joint including the knee joints, the hips, the wrist, the shoulder and even the ankle.

However, when you dislocate any of your joints, it is important that you give it a prompt treatment (go to a doctor) so that it will not lead to a bigger problem.

Failure to treat a bone dislocation in time can cause a great damage to the ligaments, nerves, or blood vessels of an individual and this is dangerous to the health.

Also, there are many risk factors that can lead to bone dislocations, some of the causes include;

  • Falls, especially serious falls at home, school, office or evn on the field.

  • Accidents, either a vehicular accident of accidents incured during sports or while playing.
  • Collision with a heavy object ( especially when the collision happens unconsciously).
  • Force on the joints can also cause them to dislocate.

There are factors that also determine how soon an individual will recoevr from the dislocation and these include;

1. The age of the individual.
2. How serious or severe the injury is.
3. Recurrence of dislocation at the same spot ( joint) is also a factor.
4. How healthy the person is.
5. The health of the supporting muscles and ligaments is another factor, how healthy they are.

There are ways to treat bone dislocations, some of them include the following;

1. Surgical repair or operation.
2. Rehabilitaion is also another way of treating it.
3. Repositioning of the joints back to their normal place.
4. The use of mediaction is also effective.
5. Wearing material that will help stabilize the joint, the doctor can tell the individual to wear a sling, splint, or cast for several weeks.

This will help the joint to heal quickly and will also prevent irrational movement of the joint by the individual.