The Benefits Of Contraceptives That You Should Know


– The good sides of contraceptives.

– How to derive the benefits of using contraception.

As we all know that the result of any sexual activity such as sex or sexual intercourse is conception. Contraception refers to any device or any means as well as procedures that people use to prevent conception.

Also, people (couples) use contraceptives to plan when they will have kids and to also plan the number of kids they will have as well as the number of years between those children.


Contraceptives vary, they are in different forms which include pills, injections, External means ( such as condoms) etc.

The use of contraceptives benefits both the male and the female.The benefits of using contraceptives include the following;

1. One of the benefits of contraceptives is that it saves people from having unplanned pregnancies. If a couple or a woman is not ready for pregnancy and it happens, it can lead to devastation.

This is a major reason that makes people use contraceptives. Since there is no fear of unwanted pregnancy, they can then enjoy sex without the fear of being pregnant.

2. The use of contraceptives also helps us to minimise the rate of abortion. Abortion involves the discontinuance of pregnancy or fetal development.

3. Also, another benefit is that it helps to avoid sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as chlamydia and gonorrhea.

There are certain diseases that are transferable from one partner to the other during sexual intercourse, using contraceptives, most especially the external contraceptive such as condom keep us safe from these diseases.


4.It also helps to prevent teenage pregnancies, although, this is not to encourage teenagers to start having sex without control.

5. It can also help to minimise menstrual pain in ladies.

6. Also, using contraceptives help to control the population growth, this is why in many countries of the world, women are advised to control their pregnancy rate.