8 Natural Juice To Boost Your Immune System



Tomato Garden Delight

Tomato contains lycopene which is one of the best protectors of cancer and heart diseases, but it also protects the skin of the influence of ultra-violet rays. Also it contains vitamins C and E, so it is used to relax the nerves. This delightful combination of ingredients is a powerhouse of immune protecting properties.

Root Juice

This juice is a combination of three root vegetables, which independently contain immune boosting properties. Celery contains vitamin C, vitamin A and folate, but the true secret to this juice is in the leaves. Celery leaves are a wonderful source of vitamins A and E. Beet leaves contain an ample amount of vitamins C and A.

Kiwi Strawberry Juice

Strawberries and kiwis are sweet and tasty fruits that are filled with vitamin C. What makes this juice even better is the added benefit of mint. Mint is not only a great herb that gives this juice a fresh kick, but it’s a good source of folate, vitamin A, magnesium, and zinc. Insufficient magnesium intake may weaken the immune system and leave the body at risk for infection.

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Potato Juice

Potato natural juice contains vitamins C, B and K and minerals: calcium, potassium, iron and magnesium. It is very good for digestive tract. It helps at cases of chronic gastritis, stomach acidity, stomach gasses and bloating, colitis, constipation etc.