6 Reasons You Must Not Drink Cold Water After A Meal

– Dangers of taking cold water after a meal.

– Why you must not drink cold water after eating.

Quite a large number of us love to drink cold water when we finish our meal, of course, there is a level of satisfaction that you get from drinking cold water.

Many people say it is when they take cold water that they feel the perfect taste of the food. There is a satisfaction they get from drinking cold water.

However, it is important to know that drinking cold water after a meal is bad and it has adverse effects on the health. It can negatively affect your health.

It is also good to just take ordinary water after a meal to avoid encountering the side effects of taking cold water.

Some of the dangers of drinking cold water after meal are listed below;


When you drink cold water right after eating, it leads to indigestion. This is because the cold temperature affects the foods we eat and makes it more difficult for us to digest them.

2. Loss of nutrients

Taking cold water after a meal also causes the nutrients or the energy the body needs to reduce and this makes the body unable to absorb the necessary nutrients.

3. Solidification.

Also, cold water after a meal will solidify the oily foods you have eaten, and this also affects digestion.

4.It affects the teeth.

Some people have a tooth problem, if they drink cold water right after eating, it can aggravate the tooth problem.

Also, when they drink the cold water, aside from affecting the teeth, it can cause a headache, and can also trigger a migraine.

Effects of cold water.

5.It buries fat in the stomach and makes potbelly.

Aso, taking cold water after meal causes the fat that we consume during the eating stay in the stomach region.

These fats do not digest and when there is a pile of fat in the tummy, the stomach will bloat and this also causes potbelly.

6. Physiological impairment.
When the body system is too cool, it affects the brain. The brain freezes and this can also lead to dizziness.

There is the need to be mindful of the rate at which we drink cold water immediately after eating.