6 Reasons Why a Good ‘Mama Put’ is the Best Thing Since Slice Bread (Hilarious)

6 Reasons Why a Good ‘Mama Put’ is the Best Thing Since Slice Bread

6 Reasons Why a Good ‘Mama Put’ is the Best Thing Since Slice Bread
The food business in Nigeria is one that is very lucrative because no matter how bad the economy is people would buy food! You could totally wear the same pair of jeans and trousers everyday.
Food is powerful and many people will give their birthright just like Esau for a plate of good food. A great number of the famous ‘mama put’ joints aka buka have the capacity to make you do just that.
These are 7 undisputable reasons why a good mama put joint is the best thing since slice bread:
1. Unfixed prices:
Unlike in resturants or eateries, the prices of food in mama put joint are not fixed – The Mama put gives it to you as your money allows.
2. You can eat a bit of everything at little cost:
Because you can’t possible have all the time and money to cook beans, fried plantain, boiled rice, pound yam and make eforiro for breakfast and repeat that same hectic process for lunch and dinner at your house, the mama put joint provides you with these varieties at little cost without you having to sweat it. Imagine going to buy cow leg at the abattoir when you can easily pay like N200 to buy a piece of it at the buka.
3. Wonderful taste:
Unlike the pidgin proverb that says ‘soup wey sweet na money kill am’, the buka provides you very sumptous meals for your money’s worth and that is the beauty of a good buka.
4. Haven for bachelors:
These set of Nigerians would have almost gone into exctintion if not for the services rendered by our good old mama put joints.
5. Haven for married men married to women that can’t cook:
These ones are as good as single men because their wife can’t cook and the only way they keep their sanity is by visiting one of these bukas every now and then.
6. Source of income:
Many Nigerian women including some men have embraced the buka business with every zeal within them because it is a good source of income. Rather than wait on government to fulfil their age-long promises of providing employment, the buka business has reduced unemployment by a considerable percent.
– InformationNG