6 Mistakes Lovers Make In Relationship

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No matter how good relationship is, there are still some common mistake that couple make, even the smart ones, checkout few of them below

1. Distributing housework

This might appear to be one of the best ways to avoid any friction, but studies show couples fight the most when attempting to divide household chores on a 50-50 basis. So, divide the work as per your preferences, what you feel you will be good at. This will also prevent your spouse from lashing out at you, for not doing something properly.

2. Money matters

Money reigns high on the reasons behind fights between couples. Being in debt is even more dangerous and to avoid such circumstances from cropping up, sit with your partner to discuss the monthly budget and expenses from the day one of your relationship.

3. Nagging all the way
Perpetual nagging is the most annoying thing to bear, and is often responsible for making the other partner very angry. If you can not arrive at a mid-point, it is better to leave the matter for the night. The following morning will see you both much calmer and better harnessed to resolve the issue at hand.

4. Not speaking your mind
You can?t expect your partner to understand everything that goes on inside your mind. It is, undoubtedly, another one of those common issues that makes couples go mad at each other. Be transparent about what you feel and tell your partner if you are in a bad mood and need a hug after a bad day at work.

5. Baby blues

While you might be craving to go through the beautiful emotions of parenthood, give your relationship some time to revel in the glorious moments of togetherness before starting your family. If you have a baby too soon, tension may crop up about the other partner not doing enough. Your nappy-changing sessions can wait till both of you are ready

6. Taking each other for granted

Finally, just because you have been hitched does not mean you can take each other for granted. Understanding your partner?s needs, and respecting each other?s feelings is the key to a happy relationship.

So, follow these simple steps! You will realise that going just that extra mile can make your relationship so much easier and happier.

source: bollywoodshaadis.com