6 Foods To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

5 Ways Water Can Help You Lose Weight 6 Foods To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

Whole Milk

We found that drinking beverages with high water and some fat content, like milk, may help reduce garlic breath and mask the garlic odor during eating,” says researcher Sheryl Barringer, Ph.D. It was found that both fat-free and whole milk reduced the sulfur compounds in garlic that are the cause of its strong smell; whole milk got the best results, though. It’s thought that this may be because fat is more effective at neutralizing odors. Dairy can be a problem, though; keep reading to find out why it’s on the worst list!


“Usually, the bad bacteria is kept at bay because we have a lot of saliva constantly cleaning out the mouth,” says Alexandra Napoli, a certified holistic health coach. One of the biggest culprits of bad breath is a dry mouth, which is when bad bacteria thrives. Guzzling down water will not only keep your saliva production going, but it can also wash away any pieces of food that are lingering in your mouth. And for your H2O information, stop worrying that drinking water will put on water weight.

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“Sugar-free yogurt has a probiotic effect that helps the [good] bacteria in your mouth flourish,” Napoli says. And we have the science to back it up: A study back in 2005 found that participants who ate sugar-free yogurt for six weeks saw a decrease in levels of volatile sulfide compounds and plaque and gingival indices.

6 Foods To Get Rid Of Bad Breath