6 Foods To Get Rid Of Bad Breath

6 Foods To Get Rid Of Bad Breath


5 foods that can guarantee your health safety


An apple a day may help keep the doctor away, but it won’t accidentally keep away friends and colleagues; apples are a powerful ally in the fight against bad breath! This due in part to their natural detergent properties. “Apples have been shown to be one of the best foods for breaking down odorous compounds, thanks to their polyphenols,” says Abbey Sharp, R.D., and blogger at Abbey’s Kitchen. “They are also one of the best foods for collecting anything stuck in your teeth that may collect bacteria.”


While ginger is great for settling the stomach, it also has the powerful effect of neutralizing bad breath. Eating a piece of ginger after your meal can cleanse your palette, leaving your mouth feeling fresher.


Melons provide a great deal of vitamin C, which creates a not-so-friendly environment for the bad bacteria in your mouth to thrive. Not to mention, it’s high in water content, which hydrates the mouth and keeps bacteria at bay.

Green Tea

Research shows that green tea contains deodorizing properties that can help banish smells in your mouth. A study from 2012 found that green tea’s polyphenols also work to kill any bad bacteria in the mouth. And it just doesn’t destroy stinky breath; green tea can also protect your chompers from tooth decay and against certain times of mouth cancers. Oh yes, and it’s a weight loss superstar.

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