5 Tips For Taking The Best Selfies

5 Tips For Taking The Best Selfies

LifeStyle selfie

1. Don’t hold the camera in your hand.

But it’s a selfie, you may ask, how else would I hold the camera? Well, let me tell you. To avoid the arm-as-tripod look, use a selfie stick.

2. Choose a day when you feel smokin’ hot.

You know when these days are: Your hair’s curling just the right way, your skin is incredibly void of any acne, you’re thinking: “Hey, I’m looking like a pretty darn good version of myself today!” You owe it to yourself to document this day, critics be damned! Manage your public image, girl. You have control.

3. If you wouldn’t wear it in real life, now is not the time.
Wear something that, well, looks like YOU.

4. Lighting is everything.
Hello, flawless face!

5. Options, options, options.

Take a ton of shots!- there’s that one that will make you feel like a Greek Goddess. You’ll know it when you see it.

Voila! You’re done!