5 Foods to Avoid before Hitting the Gym

5 Foods to Avoid before Hitting the Gym
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The food we eat before working out matters to we need to watch the kind of food that we eat before hitting the gym. Read some of the foods you should never eat before a workout below;

1. Nuts

The high fat content slows digestion, which can lead to stomach discomfort.

2. Spicy Foods

Flavor-packed seasonings and spices can trigger acid reflux and indigestion.

3. Carbonated beverages

Hydrating with gas-filled beverages can lead to bloating and cramping.

4. Candy

A sugary treat may seem to boost energy, but you’ll crash just as quickly.

5. Steak

A high protein, high fat meal delays digestion and forces blood to move away from your muscles and to your stomach, impairing performance.