4 Foods for a flat stomach

Apple is one of the greatest foods for a flat stomach.?An apple a day will keep the doctor and the belly fat away, according to a study published in the journal Nutrition. In this study, it was found that women who ate three apples or pears every day over a period of three months lost more weight than ?those who ate other kinds of healthy snacks. On top of that, apples are also known to help fight cancer and reduce the damage that is caused by cholesterol.

2. Greek yoghurt

You can aid your efforts to get flat abs by eating Greek yoghurt. Greek yoghurt contains significantly more protein than regular yoghurt does, so it will help to build the muscles you are looking for. It is also a good source of probiotics, which will keep your digestive system healthy and stop you getting bloated with gas or constipation.

3. Salmon

Another one of amazing foods for a flat stomach is salmon. Salmon and other fatty fish like mackerel and tuna, will help you in your quest for killer abs in a number of ways. Because they are high in omega-3 fatty acids, fatty fish will help to improve the functioning of your metabolism, which will help you to burn off more fat. Research has also shown that people who eat a lot of seafood have a better glucose-insulin response, which means that you will feel less hungry, for longer, after eating your food.


4. Nuts

Surprisingly enough, nuts are also included in our list of foods for a flat stomach. Nuts are a great source of protein for building muscles and they make the perfect snack for when you are losing weight. Just a small handful of nuts will reduce any cravings you have for food and they also have many other nutritional benefits too, which is why they are recommended in so many diet plans.