14 Signs you are the Best Wife in the World

14 Signs you are the Best Wife in the World

4 Signs you are the Best Wife in the World

Does your husband think of you as the best wife ever?

You know to be a wife is not an easy role, especially being an awesome wife. But the chances are, that if you’re doing these 14 things, your husband would have no choice than knowing that he has the best wife in the world.

1. You leave him notes

Leaving a doodle on his lunch sack, a lipstick note on the mirror or a letter in his pocket, best wives always make sure to let their guys know they’re been loved. Even if you do nothing more than send a spontaneous text message, by making sure you tell him “I love you” every day, you can be sure you’re one of the best wives in the world.

2. You value your time with him

When you’re together, you aren’t scrolling through Facebook or trying to pick out the perfect filter for the photo of your breakfast. You cherish the time you spend together and do your best to eliminate unnecessary distractions.

3. You make him laugh

You’re the best wife in the world if and only if you know what goofy phrase will make him guffaw or how to get him grinning with just a look.

4. You like his friends (and they like you)

You realize these guys were around before you were, so they’re a pretty important part of who he is. You’re grateful to have these people in your life too, and you don’t mind if he wants to take some time to be with them.

Also, if his friends like you, that’s a sure sign you’re the best wife around.

5. You watch his favorite movie (even if it’s dumb)

Seen it a zillion times, and it’s still not funny, but you keep watching that movie he likes because he likes it. Try getting a bonus points if you courtesy laugh at the right moments.

6. You put him first

He’s always your number ONE.

Always making sure your career and hobbies aren’t more important than him. No one is a higher priority, not even your friends, family or kids.

7. You like doing things by yourself

Just because he’s your top priority, doesn’t mean he’s your only priority. Besides being a wife you are so many other things. Even if you’d rather be around him, you are perfectly content to be alone because you are a complete person on your own.

8. You try to make it work, no matter what

You both make mistakes, even big ones. You may even fall out of love. But the best wives make it work in spite of all those issues, great or small.

9. You cook his favorite meal

Even though you hate it or you fail miserably, you cook his favorite meal to show you know what he likes and you want to do nice things for him.

10. You get excited about his successes

He gets a promotion at work, completes his training for a triathlon or learns to cook lobster. When he’s excited about accomplishing something, you’re happy too. You know you’re an awesome wife when you get as excited about your husband’s achievements as your own.

11. You keep his secrets

If your husband would be uncomfortable with you sharing something with someone else, you don’t. You don’t even say anything about it to your mom or a random teenager you meet at the grocery store. Your husband shares his private thoughts with you because he knows he can trust you.

12. You let him do things for you

Even though you singlehandedly built a treehouse when you were 10, you let him piece together the IKEA bookshelf you bought. Husbands need to feel needed, and the best wifes let their husbands serve them.

13. You don’t nag him

Sure you want him to be his best, and sometimes you really, really want him to put his dirty shoes away. But you recognize you’re not his mom. Instead, the two of you are partners trying to help each other improve. You know nagging him about his mistakes or things you want him to do doesn’t help him to be the best husband or you to be the best wife.

14. You pray for him

Even with all the things on your mind, you make sure you talk to God about your husband. Specifically, you ask for blessings your husband is hoping for. This selfless act strengthens your relationship every day.