10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

Lagos Area Boys

The term area boys is always striking in the hear of every resident in Lagos.They are as constant as the Northern star.Although, many government’s regime especially the military regime has tried to flush them out yet they remain part of the real system of Lagos.Area boys are the social miscreants who have become legalize illegal government in Lagos because any government in power always recognize their leadership for peace to reign and as political tools during elections.10 Things To Know About Area Boys In LagosLagos
Although, many may not like them but they have come to stay,a force to be reckon with in the city of Lagos.
These are ten major things to know about them:10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

1.They have organized hierarchy: In any location you find them in Lagos,they have a very organized leadership system starting from street to street,area to area,bus stop to bus stop and from motor park to motor parks or tarmac as its fondled called by them.These leadership system regulate all their activities,they don’t operate in isolation.If you engage them in a duel,that is when you will know that they have leaders-Area fathers.10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

2.They have a common language. e.g” twale!,waasere Omo,Ma palantia,Omo aye,mawoju uche,mawararo,marepete,oga ade,figo.faiba,kala,Oloshe,mugun,”etc.In later time,I will write about common Lagos slangs and their meanings.10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

3.They fight to take control of an area motor park:Area boys are the’ owner’ of Lagos roads that is why they collect tolls from commercial drivers at every bus stops,private vehicles that want to park in some major spots like markets,streets .Most especially, when goods carrying vehicles like farm produce,machines,building materials or containers drive to any location, area boys will gather in their large numbers to collect their toll before the goods can be offloaded. Resistance from the owner of the vehicle or goods will lead to a bloody clash.Even Police can not stop them.10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

4.They operate by intimidation:To live in Lagos,you need a large heart .Lagos is not for the lily-liver or coward which area boys often refers to as “Omo ase or Omo ote”.That is why they live on drugs,alcohol and Indian hemp in order to speak with intimidating voices and actions.Most times,they intimidate new comers(“Omo ase” “Omo butty”) to pay more.Always speak to them with boldness like a comrade,be fearless.

5.They are violent in nature:Don’t fidget while discussing with them but don’t go into violence with them.Violence is their trade,you can’t beat them in it.If you are violent with them,you will lose all your valuables and you may even lose your life if care is not taken.Handle them with wisdom and patience.Real Things To Know About Area Boys If You Must Live In Lagos

6.They make money daily through extortion at various bus stops,Motor parks,markets,Container off-loads,building renovations,new site constructions,collection from musicians’ live shows and parties.10 Things To Know About Area Boys In Lagos

7.They don’t like communicating in English and they gets annoyed with anyone communicating in English with them.Don’t try to ‘form’ before the area boys with your Queen’s English,you may regret it. It paid-off if you can communicate in their street languages ,Yoruba or at worst in pidgin English, this will make them feel at home with you and you will get a good bargain. Real Things To Know About Area Boys If You Must Live In Lagos

8.They are extortioners:They extort money from people during heavy traffic, parties or during heavy downpour. The help push cars that break down and collect tolls from the owners.Whenever the major roads are blocked, area boys will erect a’ toll- gate’ at the entrance of a connecting street to collect money from any vehicles that want to pass.It is either you are ready to pay or you turn back.

9.They often look Unkempt:Most times,area boys appears Unkempt and wild.This is so because, many of them live inside’ Molue’ buses,under the bridge and motor parks.Since the underdogs among them are homeless,They may not take their birth nor change their clothes for many days .The fact that they take cigarettes, hemp and alcohol 24/7 also contribute to their wild look.

10.They take note of people’s face:This is one good quality you can’t take away from area boys.They have a sharp memory at keeping people’s identity.Many at times ,many don’t know that the area boys in their area know the car you drive, house and the flats they live.If you follow a particular route often,they recognize you with your car.If you are the type that give them money,they will hail you and clear the traffic for you whenever you are passing but if you often ignore them,they will take note of your face.The danger thing is that some of them engage in armed robbery at night and if they come face-to-face with someone who doesn’t give them money during the day,they will be ruthless saying ” bobo yen yen man kala gan”meaning that he is very mean,wicked and miserly.but they often spare the ones that is generous to them.

To enjoy your stay in Lagos,make good use of the points above.
…..This piece is coming from a repentant area boy and a retired omo-igboro.
To my fellow Lagosians,I say twale!!!

Written by OBA SAMUEL on BisiAdewale.com