10 Reasons Guys Never Want To See You Again After The First Date

10 Reasons Guys Never Want To See You Again After The First Date
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Wow, talk about turning a guy OFF.

You met a guy by chance and you were smitten with him. He was handsome, engaging, well-dressed, successful, and seemed emotionally stable. And he seemed entirely taken with you, as well. He asked for your phone number, he called you soon thereafter, and he was eager to schedule your first date.

When you walked into the restaurant, his face lit up, he smiled warmly and gave you a hug. Fifteen minutes into the date, you were already hoping he’d ask you for a second date.

But not long into the date, he became withdrawn, his eyes glazed over and he started glancing at his watch. You felt a sudden, strong disconnect and the change in his demeanor puzzled you. You tried to get the date back on track with your wily femininity. But, it was too late. You could tell he was trying to think of a way to end the date early and disappear from your radar.

So, what happened? Why the sudden change in his attitude toward you?

Here are 10 first date behaviors that might have turned him off:

1. You were closed-minded.

Narrow-minded people come off as rigid, pretentious, and condescending. When you meet someone new, stay open to hearing his thoughts and opinions. Validating his point of view in the conversation makes you look intriguing, so avoid debating with him. It’s great to share your knowledge, but trying to one-up him makes you look arrogant, controlling, and difficult to get along with.

2. You hogged the conversation.

Monopolizing the evening by talking non-stop about yourself just makes you look self-absorbed and boring. Encourage your date to talk and REALLY listen to what he tells you.

3. You bored him.

On the other side of that extreme, don’t make your date carry the whole conversation either. If you’re shy, just say so and he’ll probably help you out by guiding the conversation. Stay informed about what’s going on in the world, because if the only thing you read are your emails, Twitter, and Facebook, you may have difficulty contributing to a meaningful conversation.

4. The date felt like an interrogation.

Save your probing questions for a follow-up date. Don’t ask how many women he’s slept with, does he have STDs, why he broke up with his girlfriend or why he got a divorce. Don’t ask questions that ask about his income or possessions.

5. You talked about your ex.

A man doesn’t want to hear about your ex-boyfriend/husband/lover. It’s an indication that you’re living in the past and you’re not ready for a new relationship.

6. You appeared too eager.

Compliment him, but don’t over-compliment him. Don’t ask for his phone number, don’t ask to Facebook him, don’t insinuate a second date, and don’t invite him over for dinner. Also, nervous behavior makes you appear self-absorbed and insecure: Don’t touch your face, twist your hair, laugh excitedly, boast, or prattle about yourself.

7. You had high expectations.

Don’t go on a date already hoping for a second date. Men have innate radar for women who are needy and looking for a relationship. They can sense if you’re overly smitten with him, and men like a bit of chase. Let him wonder how much you really like him.

8. You outwore your stay.

Don’t prolong the date with after-dinner cocktails or bar hopping. Don’t follow him home to listen to music and don’t invite him into your place for a nightcap. Just give him a goodnight kiss at the door and leave him wanting more.

9. You drank more than your limit.

Too many martinis loosens your tongue, lowers your s*xual inhibitions, and destroys your femininity. If you can’t limit yourself to two drinks, don’t drink.

10. You wanted s*x right away.

I repeat — don’t invite into him for a nightcap, don’t get into a make-out session, and DON’T sleep with him on the first date. If you crawl between the sheets with him on date number one, he will think you sleep with other guys on the first date as well.