10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Feel Loved

10 Little Things You Can Do To Make Your Partner Feel Loved

Love is important; it makes the world a beautiful place and makes the tough times easier to put up with. But what’s the point of love if can’t be shared or expressed? One tragedy in many relationships is that people do not feel that they are loved by their partners. This is because their spouses or partners often fail to show them that they love them even when they say so.

Many times, those who leave their spouses or partners feeling unloved do not do so intentionally; they often do not know how to express or show their feeling. For instance, many men who dearly love their wives or girlfriends often believe (to the contrary) that doing their best to provide their partners is sufficient to express their love. This is not true and while such partners appreciate their responsibility and consistency, they are often left wondering if these husbands or boyfriends really care about them.

For anyone who is stumped about how they can make their partners feel loved, here re ten little gestures that will help you express your feelings:

1. Hold their hands in public.

2. Say “I love you” to your partner at random, unexpected times; even in public. They may feel shy but they like and appreciate it.

3. Kiss them on the cheeks and lips regularly, publicly and privately.

4. Buy gifts for them randomly without any occasion to celebrate.

5. Leave them little notes saying how much you love him/her around the house and other unexpected places.

6. Surprise him/her at work with lunch or take them out for lunch

7. Let him/her have their way or win an argument without any fuss or argument

8. Apologize quickly

9. Bring them breakfast in bed.

10. Have time alone at least once every week where you can do something together; take a walk together, play a game, have a dinner, etc